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     Besides being an entrepreneurial filmmaker, Vahé Mansourian is a prolific fine arts painter. He has a mass appealing style that now he is considered an international artist. His paintings, illustrations, graphic designs and photography appeared in major magazines and galleries over the past twenty-five years; including NY Magazine and News Press. He has been interviewed in numerous TV and radio shows and over hundred in-depth articles have been written about his work worldwide.


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Aerobatics Love

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Love in U

Star Cry





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Desert Tango

Split Shadow

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Love Fever




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Oil, Acrylic, Water color or Pencil/ink on canvas or on any kind of material.

Fountain of Love


For Interior Designs, Signs & Murals please call 213-926-2987



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Custom made wood, metal and plexiglas designer furniture 

More Samples      213-926-2987 Hollywood, CA USA