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       The purpose of our events is to bring entertainment industry people together to spark interesting projects. The events are fun, informal and strictly business. Everyone is there to be of benefit to the other people.
       Our events are held in prestigious venues in major cities worldwide and our guests come from all nations.

Events' Goals
        to bring right people together
        to showcase and promote talents and projects
        to encourage film and music co-productions
        to provide investment opportunities
        to acquire films and music for worldwide distribution
        to offer cast, crew and post-production jobs

       Lucine Networking provides a wide variety of marketing, advertising and sponsorship opportunities to reach out
to the Lucine attendees. We have something for all budgets; from poster, flayer and signage in our venues at $500
to our highest level sponsorship and product placement in our films at $150,000 and everything in between.

Here are some comments from our guests in London, UK, Toronto, Canada, New York City and Beijing, China:
"I really enjoyed your networking party and met some interesting people.” Derek Lubega
”Many thanks for the invitation. It was a most interesting evening." Nigel Smith
"I had a great time. I thought your approach towards the business was spot on." Giles Alderson
"Your handling of the situation was impeccable. Thank you so much for skill, expertise and time." Andrew Dickens