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On the Edge
Epic drama/thriller/adventure

CHRISTINA (lead, 35-40)
     Caucasian, all American, cute, adventurous, devoted housewife
VARTAN (M-lead, 28-35)
     Mediterranean/Armenian, intelligent, charismatic, AntiGenocideGroup leader
GAREEB (M-lead, 50-60)
     Middle Eastern, vicious, human trafficker -- speak Turkish
EMMA (F- supporting, 25-35)
    Mediterranean/Armenian, exotic, brave and poetic activist
ABRAM (M-supporting, 25-35)
    Mediterranean, rebel, loyal and humorous
Lt. PASHA (M-supporting, 50-65)
    Ruthless and brutal -- speak Turkish
NORAYER (M-supporting, 40-50)
    Armenian, patriotic farmer, leader of local fighters -- speak Armenian
ERIC (M-supporting, 6-8)
    Caucasian, curious smart kid
RAY (M-supporting, 40-45)
    Caucasian, committed father/husband, collage professor
SIMON (M-supporting, 30-40)
    Armenian simple villager -- speak Armenian
CHILD-MARY (F-supporting, 8-10)
    Armenian, brave and shy
GRANDMOTHER MARY (F-supporting, 60-70)
    Armenian, brave and adventurous
The Tour
Suspense thriller

JEWEL (lead, 15-17, must be 18 or older)
    Caucasian, a misfit, a rebellious teenager - bold & vulnerable
VICTOR (lead, 40-55)
    Caucasian, a notorious poacher, suave yet vicious man
ANGELA (lead, 28-35)
    Anglo/Native American or Latin/Mediterranean look, an adventurous tour guide -   controversial yet spiritual
ROCKY (lead, 30-35)
    Caucasian, a handsome, successful ex-stockbroker and recovering heroin addict
SCRAP (major supporting, 40-60)
    Any nationality, a humorous hobo, down and out musician
PETER WALLER (major supporting, 40-50)
    Caucasian, Jewel's father, an arrogant, racist millionaire
Mr. KOSLOV (supporting, 55-65)
    German or Russian businessman and a humorous politician
ZOYA (supporting, 50-60)
    Loving African woman, Koslov's wife, very secretive and suspicious
SU (supporting, 25-35)
    Asian beauty, an aspiring journalist - a poet
DAVE (small supporting 40-50)
    Caucasian, park ranger, country look
Comedy/Drama/musical TV episodic series

DUKE (35-45 Lead, Caucasian)
    Not diplomatic, an exile nuclear physicist, now lunch-truck cook.
LIZA (30-35 Lead, any nationality)
    Witty and romantic yet shrewd businesswoman
JAMAAL (45-55 supporting, Indian, German or Russian)
    Jovial film director
STEVE (20-25 supporting, Caucasian)
    Good looking, cocky college student
BOB (40-60 supporting, Caucasian)
    Always in love businessman
ASIAN WOMAN (20-35 supporting)
    Free spirited
SIX M/F DANCERS (18-25 any nationality)
    Salsa, jazz, hip-hop
FEMALE MODEL (20-25, supporting)
    Exotic, good look
MALE BODY BUILDER (25-35, any nationality)
Goodnight Gorgeous
Road Adventure

MONA LISA (21-29 Lead)
    Any nationality, adventurous yet vulnerable aspiring actress/dancer. A chameleon type portraying seven different characters. She must have theater and dance background and able to speak with different accents.
EDDIE FERRARI (26-35 Lead)
    Caucasian, sensitive and handsome con man.
JACK DOLAR (45-60 Lead)
    Any nationality, manipulative but humorous, professional, small-time con artist.
GORDY (20-30 major supporting)
    Muscular, good-hearted country boy. (unusual face)
SENATOR (40-65 supporting)
    Caucasian, clean cut, crook politician. (name actor only)
CHRISTINE (25-40 supporting)
    Any nationality, professional pop singer